Zhejiang Benniao Technology Co., Ltd

Millions of daily face mask manufacturers

Let breathing become nutrition

-Scientific Research Advantage 

We Cooperate with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and University of South Carolina.We have hundreds of technology patents,hundreds of test reports and 6,000 square meters'  laboratory, 150 million R&D Capital, over 60 R&D personnel.

-Market Advantage

We provided services for more than 10,000  enterprises and institutions and over 200,000 family users.Now, we have established more than 1,300 service outlets in China.

-Factory Advantage

We have 10,000 square meters of production workshop ,10,000 square meters of warehousing,2,000 workers and 150 sets of face mask machines.We have obtained AAA management system certification and enterprise safety production standardization certificate.

Benniao gathers a lot of qualified talents with rich experiences and rich technical knowledge. With our own R&D, we successfully develop series of professional and technical machines to make face mask, which is in line with industry and enterprise standards, our complete performance and quality also meet the requirements of production use. Benniao response to government’s arrangement to make materials needed for emergency handling of animal epidemics including KN95 face mask. From the beginning to the output, We already has a volume of 10,000 square meters production workshop and warehouse, 2,000 workers, 150 sets of face mask machines, which can make Millions of face masks per day. Our KN95 face masks are in line with national standard of GB2626-2006 and get the authoritative and qualified reports from Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection and Research Institute and National Textiles and Garment Quality Supervision Inspection Center(zhejiang). For the foreign trade, Beniao also get EU CE and US FDA certificate. Now the KN95 masks are not only provided for organizations like governments or schools, but are also popular in domestic market for civilian use. On the side of foreign trade, Benniao has already get orders from dozens of countries with hundreds of face masks and is truly trust by foreign friends.